Medina Sod Farms Re-Brands as Medina Turf Farms

Our roots run deep.

But every now and then, it’s time for a makeover…

Most know us as “Medina Sod Farms.” Our family farm was founded in 1960 by Cliff Gregoire under that name. For nearly 50 years, the farm successfully provided quality turfgrass to homeowners, landscapers, and municipalities throughout Ohio and surrounding states.

Then, in 2008, Cliff’s eldest son, Scott Gregoire, purchased the family farm. From 2008-2018, Medina Sod Farms continued to thrive under Scott’s management.

When Scott retired in 2018, founder Cliff Gregoire’s youngest son, Ryan, decided he’d like to take the reigns of the family farm. Already the owner of athletic field construction company Agricultural Design, Ryan wanted to continue the strong family tradition of providing quality turfgrass. Therefore, Ryan and his wife, Kelly (who now manages many of the day-to-day operations), decided to purchase the farm. Bringing in a new era, they changed the name to “Medina Turf Farms.” Same rich history. Same quality turfgrass. Brand new name.

Owners Ryan and Kelly have been married for 23 years. They have 3 boys that will be learning the ropes of the farm with its deeply rooted tradition of supplying quality turfgrass.