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Our roots run deep.

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A leading turfgrass provider since 1960.

Medina Turf Farms, formerly known as Medina Sod, has been a leading provider of quality turfgrass sod since 1960. We offer a variety of turfgrass blends that provide solutions for your specific needs. While we harvest our turfgrass sod at both our Seville farm and Doylestown farm on a rotational basis, we ask that you visit us at our main office in Seville if you’d like to connect in-person. Or, call our office at 330-683-2916 to speak to a professional about how we can assist you.


Eco- friendly.

With today’s ecological concerns, more people are considering turfgrass sod for its environmental benefits.

Turfgrass sod cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun's heat and absorbing noises, carbon dioxide, and other harmful pollutants. It releases valuable oxygen and moisture into the air we breathe. Turfgrass is also an immediate erosion control for new construction sites. As it grows, turfgrass silently contributes to a healthier environment.