Medina Turf Becomes First BEST Approved Organization


As stated on the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation website, “BEST (Buckeyes for Environmentally Sustainable Turfgrass Management) is the region’s premier turfgrass management training and certificate program, designed to streamline your onboarding or continued learning process.”

Medina Turf Farms is honored to be recognized as Ohio’s first BEST Approved organization.

In an e-newsletter that went out to members of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (the oversight entity of the BEST program), OTF states:

“We would like to congratulate Kelly Gregoire of Medina Turf for being the first person to complete the new BEST online training program. By completing the online training, Medina Turf becomes the first BEST Approved organization. Congratulations, Kelly and Medina Turf!”

While we’re not much for accolades, we wanted to share this information with our dedicated customers because we want them to know that, despite being in the turfgrass industry since 1960, we’re not comfortable resting on our laurels. There’s always new information being shared and discovered, and we’re committed to having the most up-to-date industry knowledge to better meet the needs of our loyal customer base.